Decadence with Cecilia Forss!

Dirty Linen - with Creative Director Jonas Magnusson at the helm, arranged a late night rendez-vous with stunning Swedish actress Cecilia Forss to explore decadence and sensuality.
The dark, ambiguous setting juxtaposes Cecilia's impeccable, radiant beauty as she reclines in a leather sofa draped with an inky linen duvet. Cecilia Forss' spirited way of bringing the rabbit mask into the mix reveals her typical playfulness. The mask becomes a classic attribute in the exploration of sultry decadence. Raising the question of what is real and what is enacted.

Thanks Cissi for being our muse!

Triple-X washed cotton series

Urban minimalism and elusive details embodies Dirty Linen’s Triple-X ‘affordable premium’ collection.
The cotton percale is enzyme treated to achieve our signature love-worn texture. Triple-X is sold as a set with duvet cover and pillowcase. The suggestive, tongue-in-cheek buttons add a contemporary twist.

Our new 100% linen line Animaux

This is our new linen product that will hit stores in august. We are introducing three new beautiful colors; Faded Blue, Pink Blush and Dirty White. The new design is really subtle and it will look amazing also in your weekend house or little cottage in Greece. We have added a surprise for you with the new buttons. Stay alert for more pictures…

New limited edition duvet cover

Dirty Linens new limited edition duvet cover is a celebration to good old handicraft, quality materials and quirky ideas.
  The limited edition duvet cover is named Swinger because we have developed a way to make use of both sides of the duvet cover. And since each side is slightly different from the other you can change the look and mood of the bed by simply swinging the duvet cover around.
  This is all made possible because of the innovative cufflinks that we use to close the end of the cover and hold the duvet in place. Instead of the usual button plus hole solution we use two holes and cufflink in silver. Just like on a shirt.
  The  100% linen duvet cover comes in a handmade wooden case with the silver cufflinks in its own special box.The Swinger duvet cover is produced on order, in your required size, in our own studio in Stockholm.